Extending the modified no-hair conjecture: Dyonic furry black holes

Erik Baxter (Sheffield Hallam)

27 March 2019

Black holes with large diffeomorphism groups have been of much recent interest both for their potential modelling applications via the AdS/CFT correspondence and for what light they may shed on the black hole information paradox. Here we prove some results concerning classical versions of these models. We are able to find new non-trivial solutions to dyonic su(∞) Einstein-Yang-Mills field equations, revisiting the previously-investigated purely magnetic system in light of the plentiful results now available for su(N) EYM field equations.

In addition, we can show that at least some of the solutions we found are stable under small time-dependent linear perturbations, and can be uniquely characterised by an infinite set of global effective charges. Our result has implications for Bizon's 'modified no-hair conjecture'.