Cosmology and Relativity Group (CRAG) seminars

Academic year 2018–19

Seminars are (usually) on Wednesdays at 3pm in J11 Hicks.

Semester one

Week 1, 26 Septmeber
Group meeting

Week 2, 3 October
Group introductions

Week 3, 10 October
Visakan Balakumar and Jake Percival
Report from QFT Energy inequalities conference

Week 4, 17 October
Jack Morrice (Cape Town)
Streams: A small, mesh-based look at large structure formation

Week 5, 24 October
Elizabeth Winstanley (Sheffield)
Quantum expectation values on black hole space-times

Week 6, 31 October

Week 7, 7 November
Nicola Rendell (York)
Infrared divergences in cosmological spacetimes

Week 8, 14 November
Eleni Kontou (York)
Strong quantum energy inequality and the Hawking singularity theorem

Week 9, 21 November
Konstantinos Dimopoulos (Lancaster)
Cosmic inflation and dark energy from the electroweak phase transition

Week 10, 28 November
Paul McFadden (Newcastle)
Conformal field theory in momentum space

Week 11, 5 December
Thomas Morley (Sheffield), Jake Percival (Sheffield)
Renormalised vacuum polarisation on topological black holes
Semiclassical gravity for static spacetimes: Universality and structure dependence

Week 12, 12 December
Sebastian Trojanowski (Sheffield)
Looking forward to new physics with FASER: Forward Search Experiment at the LHC

19 December
SoMaS Christmas party

Semester two

Week 1, 6 February

Week 2, 13 February
Robert Hagala (Oslo)
Scalar field phenomenology in disformally-coupled quintessence

Week 3, 20 February
Examiners meeting

Week 4, 27 February
Susha Parameswaran (Liverpool)
Dark energy in string theory

Week 5, 6 March
Markus Fröb (Leipzig)
Quantum gravitational backreaction in the case of the local Hubble rate

Week 6, 13 March
Luisa Lucie-Smith (UCL)
Machine learning dark matter halo formation

Week 7, 22 March
Steffen Gielen (Nottingham)
The universe as a condensate of spacetime atoms

Week 8, 27 March
Erik Baxter (Sheffield Hallam)
Extending the modified no-hair conjecture: Dyonic furry black holes

Week 9, 3 April
David Sloan (Lancaster)
Through the Big Bang

10 April
BritGrav practice talks

Easter break

Week 10, 1 May

Week 11, 8 May
Kasia Rejzner (York)
AM Colloquium: Perturbative algebraic QFT – Example of the sine-Gordon model

Week 12, 15 May
Yury M. Pismak
AM Colloquium: Modeling the interaction of the quantum electrodynamics fields with extended material bodies

Week 13, 22 May
Chris Shepherd (Manchester)
Some like it hot: R^2 heals Higgs inflation, but does not cool it

Week 14a, 28 May
James Edholm (Lancaster)
Modifying general relativity without introducing ghosts

Week 14b, 29 May
Mohamed Ould El Hadj (Sheffield)
The Regge pole approach to black hole physics

Week 15, 4 June
Visakan Balakumar (Sheffield)
Hadamard renormalisation of charged scalar fields